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Nis is a full-stack marketer with a passion for UI/UX and storytelling. He is the Director of Demand Generation at Alpha UX, a software company that generates real-time user insight for Fortune 500 product teams. He is also an award-winning web and app designer and is the co-organizer of NUI Central in New York City. His articles have been published in Forbes, UX Mag, and Content Marketing Institute. Nis holds a BS in Marketing from Rutgers Business School where he returns every semester to guest lecture.
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What’s the state of data driven decision making in product management?

by Nis Frome | Mar 9, 2016
Industry News

A recent study by Harvard Business Review analyzed the utilization of competitive intelligence and market insights within large corporations. They found that an astonishing 45% of analysts’ input had no impact on decision making within the company. The primary reason, suggests HBR, is that “many executives decide on a course of action and then use competitive intelligence to ratify their choice.”

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What is the cost of digital product development?

by Nis Frome | Aug 21, 2015

Every single brand today is, to at least some degree, in the digital product development business, whether it’s designing an ecommerce shopping experience for mobile apps, bringing supply chain management capabilities to tablets in a warehouse, or simply maintaining a website for investor relations. But little is known about digital product development costs from industry to industry, and across organization sizes.
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The guide to product management conferences and events

by Nis Frome | Aug 10, 2015

In the grand scheme of things, product management is a new field with relatively few dedicated conferences and events. But in the last couple years we’ve seen an emergence of some really high-quality ones you can’t miss.

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Why product teams need to master rapid prototyping

by Nis Frome | Jun 15, 2015
User Experience Best Practices

With the rise of ‘lean’ methodologies and literature, product managers today understand that continuously generating user feedback throughout the product lifecycle can help mitigate the risk of wasting resources to build something no one wants.

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Making the case for minimum viable experiments

by Nis Frome | Feb 27, 2015
Thoughtful Insight

When “The Lean Startup” author, Eric Ries, realized the value of validated learning, the easiest way for him to get in front of prospective customers was by building an initial version of his product, launching it, and evaluating the feedback. After all, his startup consisted primarily of engineers so building products was what they were good at, what they did quickly, and perhaps one of the only things they could do efficiently. Hence the minimum viable product.

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The product needs to be the story

by Nis Frome | Dec 9, 2014
Thoughtful Insight

I’m often approached by young, aspiring entrepreneurs who ask some variation of the following:

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Qualitative user insight: why you need it and how to get it

by Nis Frome | Dec 4, 2014
User Experience Best Practices

In the context of the big data revolution, I’ve overheard numerous suggestions that we can automate and commoditize user insight and feedback. But while we are certainly doing a better job at organizing quantitative data at scale, I think we are far from automating qualitative research. Furthermore, focusing on quantitative research alone gathered in the context of ‘data dumps’ misrepresents the purpose and value of user feedback. In certain ways, I believe it has regressed many organizations’ UX capabilities.

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Focus on the User: 5 keys to successful products in the new era of business

by Nis Frome | Nov 4, 2014
Thoughtful Insight, User Experience Best Practices, Resources

There’s one resoundingly simple reason for why most products ultimately fail: no one wants them. But those of us constantly advocating for user testing and product validation can sometimes get too fixated on this notion.

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Surprising results from experiments with consumer-facing healthcare products

by Nis Frome | Oct 30, 2014
Industry News, Healthcare

Last week we conducted experiments to explore consumer preferences for trusted sources of medical information. The results were mixed, revealing inconsistencies in how consumers perceive brands and build habits around their medical-seeking preferences.

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Finance product managers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on Apple Pay

by Nis Frome | Oct 29, 2014
Finance, Industry News

Last month we analyzed products and organizations that Millennials perceive as innovative, as well as their spending habits. Interestingly, despite the lowest credit card adoption of any modern generation, Millennials actually rank features such as low interest rates far above mobile and web tools.

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